The Sea of Japan and our Japanese-style garden make for a stunning resort landscape.Enjoy your stay on Sado Island to the fullest.

The glittering splendor of our beautiful Japanese garden stretching over a vast 23,000㎡ and the lapping waves of the Sea of Japan will tune you into Sado's relaxing sense of time. Delicious dishes prepared from locally sourced ingredients, packed full of nature's blessings and minerals, bring happiness and enhance the quality of your experience. We do our utmost to serve and make your stay truly relaxing. Experience the heartwarming hospitality only available at Hotel Azuma, with its history of over 90 years.

Sunsets turn the Sea of Japan and the whole sky crimson red.

A hideaway resort, Hotel Azuma is known as the inn closest to the sunset on Sado Island. Weather permitting, guests have a high chance of seeing beautiful sunsets. Here at Hotel Azuma, experience tradition and culture, then relax and unwind in a hot spring bath facing the Sea of Japan.

We would like you to meet the exhilarating "real Japan."

At Hotel Azuma, we would like you to have as many opportunities as possible, to meet the exhilarating culture of "real Japan." Contemplate the beautiful combination of our Japanese garden and the Sea of Japan. Savor the Japanese-style multi-course meal prepared with plenty of Sado-produced ingredients. Dip in the healing hot spring spa, then put on a Japanese yukata (cotton kimono). Play table tennis and sing karaoke clad in a yukata. And much more! It is our sincere hope that you have great memories of your stay on Sado Island. We offer warm hospitality from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. Please enjoy your stay with us.