Welcome to Sado Island

On Sado Island, a treasure island that prospered with the largest gold mine in Japan, culture developed in three distinct arenas: at court, in town and among the samurai warriors. This concoction resulted in Sado's unique traditional society, with practices that continue to be passed down through generations even today, creating both pride and excitement in the beauty of Sado culture. Hotel Azuma offers opportunities to experience this fascinating phenomenon.

Kitazawa Flotation Plant

Aikawa, the area where Hotel Azuma is located, used to have Asia's largest flotation plant. The ruins illuminated in the evening induce a magical ambiance and will remind you of the world of the famous animation film by Studio Ghibli, "Castle in the Sky"! A stroll through the old town of Aikawa and a visit to the newly renovated Sado Commissioner's Office are also pleasant ways to enjoy your time.

Buddhist Temples and Noh Theaters

Sado Island has a number of temples and Noh theaters because of its history as an island of exiles. Nichiren, founder of Nichiren School of Buddhism was exiled to Sado, and so was Zeami, who honed Noh into perfection.
The architecture of these temples and theatres, including the five-story pagoda and Konpon Temple which is said to be Nichiren's place of practice, exists in harmony with nature.

Video: Sado Island Taiko Centre

Land facing the sea

Indulging in the abundant nature of Sado Island is also a great way to spend time. The northern part of the island is a mountainous area which includes Mount Kinpoku (1,172 m) with a fantastic view of the valley. You can also enjoy hiking while taking in the beautiful landscapes and various alpine plants along the trails (best from May - summer). Also recommended is a visit to the old village of Shukunegi located on the southern tip of the island. Discover Sankakuya, a 150-year-old house in Shukunegi built in a triangular shape to fit the narrow alleyway, demonstrating the astonishing skills and techniques of shipbuilders in the past to make the most of the available land.

In Shukunegi, more than 100 houses with wooden walls built by shipbuilders are packed close together in a narrow valley, and that makes an impressively unique townscape.
Located close to Ogi Port are the base of the world-renowned taiko (Japanese drumming) troupe, Kodo, and Sado Island Taiko Centre. Join the taiko experience program and relieve stress!

An island packed full of charms

Take a deep breath in the rural landscape of terraced rice paddies facing the sea, or drink in the beautiful blue ocean scenery around the isle of Yajima, and be filled with a sense of happiness. Sado Island is a place you will need to visit again, as its fascinating charms are many!

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